Can Clutter Lead to Hoarding?

Not every messy person is a hoarder. There are many different types of personalities. Some of us are super motivated and super organized, others are not so motivated and not so organized. So does being a messy person lead to hoarding? Not necessarily. But being messy combined with the right triggers (typically trauma like the death of a loved one) and a predisposition towards OCD-like behavior may lead someone towards hoarding.

So how do you fight a tendency towards hoarding and hoarding behaviors?

Seek Counseling and Therapy. Unfortunately, mental illness still carries a great stigma that leads many  to avoid treatment for mental disorders. If you feel you have a tendency towards hoarding or engage in behaviors that you consider detrimental to your life seek counseling and therapy. There is no shame in seeking treatment for a mental illness.

Try to stay organized. If you are a naturally disorganized person, try to stay organized. Use tools like to-do lists to prioritize and organize.

Buy only things you need and throw away things you don’t need. When you buy something ask yourself beforehand, Will I use this? Do I need this? When you buy something try to make a commitment to throwing something else out. For instance, when me and my girlfriend would be something for our kitchen (like a grill) we threw away something we weren’t using (like the breadmaker we got as a gift and never used). This way we never accumulated much clutter.

If you are starting to accumulate a lot of clutter hire someone to help you clean up. There are multiple junk removal companies that can help you declutter your home.

Preventing hoarding is not easy and for some people may not be possible. The main thing to remember is that mental disorders like hoarding can be treated and if you believe you have a hoarding problem, seek help early. It can save your life.

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