Cleaning Out a Hoarder’s Home or Apartment Los Angeles

Cleaning out a home or apartment that has been victimized by a hoarder can be a physically and emotionally exhausting process. A personal friend, who also owns several rental properties in Los Angeles, recently had to forcibly evict a tenant for hoarding. Initially he tried clean out the house himself, after a week he called a junk removal company in Los Angeles do it for him. 

“Imagine walking into the mouth of madness and having to sort through whatever insanity you found there. Over the course of a year we tried to work with this tenant to get him to clean up the house. Multiple times we would make offers, threats, and even try to cajole but nothing worked. We eventually made the tough decision to evict him.

After the eviction process I was handed the daunting task of cleaning up after this tenant. I was advised to hire a junk removal company in the Los Angeles area. But I had already spent a decent amount of money on the eviction process and really didn’t feel like spending more on a junk removal company. 

I tried to clean up this home for a week. Even with a dumpster the process was achingly slow. I’d work for eight hours, look around, and feel like I barely made a dent in a wall of newspapers and clutter filling just the living room. It took me a full week to clear out the living room. Every night I was exhausted, every day I dreaded going to the house. On the sixth day I found the skeleton of (I think) a kitten in a closet. I went home and cried for the rest of the night. How could someone be that thoughtless, that cruel?

The next morning I called a junk removal company in the Los Angeles area that specialized in hoarders junk removal, trash removal, and household junk removal. They finished the job for me. Luckily they were experienced in hoarding clean ups and got the job finished in about three days.”

The emotional and physical toll of hoarding is why we generally recommend using a junk removal company instead of attempting to clean up after a hoarder yourself.

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