How To Deal with Large Collections

When I worked at a junk removal company as a professional organizer, assisting with hoarder clean outs, one of the saddest situations I’d see are collectors who had turned into hoarders. These situations are often the most difficult hoarding situations I’ve encountered. Because everything is consider a “collectible”, nothing can be parted with easily. I have seen hoarders break down and weep as junk haulers have thrown their collectibles (most of which were worthless) into the back of dump trucks to be hauled away.

There is nothing wrong with being a collector. Collecting is a great way of preserving memories and accumulating antiques that retain value. Over time collections can increase in value and turn into worthy investments. But collecting has a dark side. Collections can often turn on their owners and end up owning them instead. Collecting valuables can often devolve into hoarding valuables given the wrong circumstances. So how can you manage a large miscellany of collectibles?

A three step strategy:

1. Simplify and Sort

2. Sell

3. Throw Away

Simplify and sort through your collection. Try to assess the things that are truly valuable (or truly valuable to you) and the collectibles that are not worth keeping. The goal of this process is to have less stuff, so keep less and throw away more. 

Sell. After you sorted through your collectibles and determined what you are keeping and what you are parting with, you have the option of selling your more valuable collectibles online or in person. eBay and Craig’s List are two of the more popular ways of selling collectibles.

Throw Away. In even the most rigorously maintained collections you are bound to find collectibles that are broken or that no longer have any value. Instead of keeping them, throw them away. If you have a large number of collectibles that need to be hauled away, you can call a junk removal company to help you.

Parting ways with things we’ve sought after and protected for years is never an easy decision. But culling down collections to only the most valuable items helps prevent hoarding and ward off hoarder-like tendencies.



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