Getting Over Hoarding Junk and Cleaning Up your life!


That’s it, i have had it with these hoarders and the way they mess up my property. I cannot believe the last state my property was left in, i was very disappointed and angry with the results. I couldn’t charge them a thing and now i have to clean up all of this junk and somehow get rid of it myself! This was a very difficult job, one that i couldn’t do myself so naturally i had to call in some reinforcements to remove all of that junk. There were old newspapers, plastics, food containers, fast food wrappers and many other things that i should not have had to do. I called a Los Angeles Hoarder Removal Specialists team that arrived and was ready to work. They came with the truck and were eager to get the job done on a fast and efficient manner. Well i was surprised when they ¬†used team work and did the actual job! What an awesome time i had just watching them get rid of all that trash and junk that i did not need in my life.


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