House Junk Removal

Moving out of a house and into a new house in Los Angeles can uncover an amazing amount of trash. I have moved four times in the last twelve years (most recently when I bought a condo in Hollywood) and every time I move I am amazed at what I find. How look, here is the camp stove I used once at Burning Man in 1999. Oh, and here are those cowboy boots I thought I lost. Oh, and in that closet over there is like every text book I ever read in film school. Most of what you uncover during the later parts of the move is junk. I have yet to find something that screamed, “Wow, I really missed this!?” So before I turn my house or apartment keys over to my old landlord I always hire a┬ájunk removal company in Los Angelesto help my clean up.

Liberal and frequent use of a junk removal company has saved me thousands of dollars in deposits that would have been kept by my landlords. After I’ve moved my personal items and most of my furniture out of my old house I book an appointment with one of a couple junk removal companies in the Los Angeles area. I have them come over and haul away old furniture I don’t want to move, trash I’ve left behind, and random junk I don’t need anymore (I once found parts for a car I don’t even remember owning stuffed in a closet).

This process takes about an hour or two. I typically use junk removal companies that charge a flat rate for load and let them do the rest. Afterwards I’ll vacuum up the house or apartment, and turn the keys over to my old manager. A few times I even received a Thank you for leaving my old unit so clean.


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