Junk Removal Professionals

1. Pre-Organize and Plan

Pick a day for your junk removal. Weekends work best for most people. When you pick a date stick to it. Once you have a date start pre-organzing. Determine what kind of trash you have to get rid of. Do you appliances and furniture that will require a dolly? Do you have a lot of items to donate to a Goodwill (or similar charity) in Los Angeles? Do you have a lot of trash that needs to be thrown away? Remember most landfills in Los Angeles aren’t open to the public. Once you’ve made this catalogue determine how you will dispose of everything on it.

2. Rent Your Own Truck (and maybe a Dumpster)

If you have furniture, appliances or other awkward items to dispose of you will probably need to rent a truck and a heavy dolly. This will typically cost you less than $100. If you have a lot of trash and garbage to dispose you may want to consider renting a small dumpster. In most cases you won’t be able to put a dumpster on the street anywhere in Los Angeles, so you will need to have enough space in your drive way to accommodate it.

3. Tackle Problem Areas First

Wherever your problem areas are (garage, attic, closets) tackle them first. You may need a full day to clean out your garage and return to other problem areas later, but at least you’ve cleaned out the worst part of the house. Making the remaining parts of your clean up easy.

4. Donate Early and Often

If your junk removal plan includes donating unwanted items to charity, find your charity of choice’s drop off center and start taking junk there. Don’t make donation the last item on your junk removal list. Very often when you make donation the last step in your junk removal it will never get done.

5. Hire a Professionals When in Doubt

If you have a lot of stuff to get rid of, if you have awkward items, or just don’t have the time to declutter you may want to consider hiring a professional junk removal service in Los Angeles. A junk removal service will come to your house and haul away whatever you can’t haul away.


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