Storage Unit Hoarding

Most people think of hoarding as a problem confined just to homes or apartments. But oftentimes hoarding can extend past the home into other facets of life. Many hoarders hide their hoarding or extend their hoarding by storing junk, trash, and garbage in storage units. Units because its rare to see a hoarder with just a single storage unit. Multiple units are the norm. And the final results of hoarding are just as destructive.

When I worked as a professional organizer for a junk removal service we were often called upon to do a storage unit clean out. More than once we would run into multiple units that had been rented by hoarders. More than once we encountered hoarders who were on the literal knife’s edge of destitution. They had spent their last cent on paying rent on storage units filled with junk. And even faced with the prospect of homelessness these hoarders would often struggle with parting with useless junk piled in storage bins.

Storage unit hoarding is hard to prevent and extremely hard to detect. Many hoarders use storage units to hide their hoarded junk so they don’t have to deal with the shame that comes from a junk filled home.  If you suspect that a friend or loved one is hoarding you should seek professional help for them. 

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