Hoarding Clean Up Situations

Hoarding Clean Up Situations

Animal hoarding is probably the best known form of hoarding. The news is often littered with lurid headlines about cats or dogs found in squalid conditions. Animal hoarding is also one of the cruelest forms of hoarding. Innocent animals are often often kept in squalid, abusive conditions where they suffer and often times die.

So what can you do to stop animal hoarding?

The biggest thing you can do to stop animal hoarding is to say something. If you find a relative or friend who is hoarding animals report them immediately to the local ASPCA and your city animal control. People are often reluctant to report animal hoarding because hoarders tend to cloak their sick behavior ¬†with a veneer of love. “Oh, we’re running an animal rescue.” or “Well, if you call the ASPCA all these animals will be put to sleep!”

Remember animal hoarding is cruel, far crueler than turning those same animals over to the ASPCA. Animal hoarding destroys lives and harms animals. Don’t be silent. Speak out and report animal hoarding today.

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